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Precious Day

Daily companion for limited high altitude seniors.

How do we want to live when we are old? Some very old seniors already live lonely and isolated lives. In their seclusion, they rapidly degrade their remaining abilities. Existing solutions for maintaining cognitive, social and motor skills are hard to achieve for the very old living alone. In nursing homes, people are activated and encouraged by nursing staff. People who live alone and receive outpatient care cannot experience this important support. Precious Day is designed to help precisely these people stay active and experience exciting things. With new tasks, questions and games every day, a wide variety of people with a wide variety of abilities are reached at their level. Precious Day also offers an uncomplicated and low-threshold way to get in touch with friends/family, but also with new people. With a video chat function, people can get in touch with others, but also solve tasks in groups or with new people. It helps people as a medical device and at the same time fits unobtrusively into any living room. With this system, very old people can have a sense of achievement again, tell exciting stories. Because the day of very old, isolated people is also valuable and important.